It’s Here… The Thirty-First of February (Gnome Press)

First off, let me thank Aaron over at Gnome Press Blog for opening my eyes to a book that I didn’t even know existed and then telling me where to buy a beautiful copy.  Most people would never release this information so they could gloat about their discovery.  So with that said THANKS AARON!!!  So, the book is called The Thirty-First of February by Nelson Bond and this copy is a beautiful one.  I got this copy from Jack Sticha over at SnS Books don’t know how many more he has, but they all seem to be in great shape.

The Thirty-First of February is a collection of thirteen stories that supposedly could have been written on that date.  Which one would have to realize that there are not 31 days in February…lol!  The 13 stories are as follows;

The Sportsman
The Mask Of Medusa
My Nephew Norvell
The Ring
The Gripes Of Wraith
The Cunning Of The Beast
The Five Lives Of Robert Jordan
Take My Drum To England
Saint Mulligan
The Monster From Nowhere
The Man Who Walked Through Glass
The Enchanted Pencil

Here are some pictures of this beautiful book…

Year: 1949
Paid: $54
Art: Jacket art by James Gibson
Quantity: n/a
Binding: Rose cloth with black lettering
Publisher: Gnome Press
Comments: A beautiful Book in great shape, almost appears unread.  Nice white pages!

2 Responses to “It’s Here… The Thirty-First of February (Gnome Press)”

  1. Hey, that sounds really fascinating! Thanks for sharing. I’ve never heard of this collection of stories. Share more when you get the chance!

  2. I should have commented here a bit earlier Chris, but you’re welcome!! Keep up the great work!!

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